1st Chicago Bottle Club

Club Meetings

The 1st Chicago Bottle Club meets the third Friday of the month, except July and August at:

Hinsdale Covenant Church
412 S. Garfield
Hinsdale, Illinois 60521

7:00pm—doors open
7:30pm—business meeting/program

Every meeting includes a program, which may involve a speaker presentation, films or slides dealing with a variety of subjects relating to bottles and other collections of interest to Club members. Prior to the program, a show-and-tell feature gives the members the opportunity to bring in new finds. These fresh discoveries often come with interesting and humorous stories, and ensure that group members continue learning about the world of bottle collecting. The Club provides snacks and refreshments.

Please note, meetings are sometimes held at Club members' homes. Any changes will be noted in the newsletter.

2017—Meeting Dates:
January 20th
February - TBD
March 17th
April 21st
May 19th
June 16th
July - OFF
August 18th
September 15th
October 20th
November 17th
December 15th


January-show & tell: A. Stone & Co.,

IP base fruit jar

January-program: soda & beer glasses
Jim and Jodi Hall hosted our February Club meeting
Hospitality Chair, Jen Pisterzi
Dug & Acquisition Awards Winners

July, 2016 Program

What else we collect, Participation was phenomenal with 14 members showing collections.


Coca-Cola syrup dispenser
Coca-Cola display table, program by Mario

2015 Bottles being judged for our annual Dug and Acquisition awards
2015 Award Winners


2014 Award Winners
Annual dug and acquisition ballot