1st Chicago Bottle Club

Bottle Gallery

A small sampling of Chicago bottles, advertising and ephemera. Enjoy.

Bitters and Druggists

M. G. Landsberg
Electric Bitters
Prof. Leonnard's Celebrated Nectar Bitters*
Humboldt's German Bitters, C. H. Plautz Proprietor*
Bruno H. Goll, Druggist
Otto Peuser and Charles J. Kadish Druggists*
Central Drug Company
Milwaukee Time Bitters, Frank M. Mares

The Quinine Bitters Co.
Pepsin Bitters
Bennett Pieters & Co.
Foerster's Teutonic Bitters
Kapuziner Bitters
Laxo & Pro-Vino paper labeled Bitters
Electric Bitters
J. Roemheld, Druggist

Sun Bitters, Augauer Bitters Co.
Dr. F. A. Sabine's Harvest Bitters
Rothery's Bitters,
The Great English Tonic
Hunki Dori Bitters,
H. B. Matthews
Cuben Bitters, Prepared by Louis Sievers Sons Co. (paper labeled)
Augauer Bitters

Bismarck Bitters
Grouping of paper labeled Bitters
*Pictures provided by Ken Farnsworth.