1st Chicago Bottle Club

Bottle Gallery

A small sampling of Chicago bottles, advertising and ephemera. Enjoy.

Ephemera and Misc Glass

Augauer Bitters Co. Billhead
Chicago Insulating Company ad
H. E. Bucklen & Co. billhead

Janes Bros. ephemera
R. E. Rhodes Pharmacy ad
Dr. Bonkers Medicine Company Ad
Harden Star Fire Grenade ad
G. A. Bode Bottlers Extracts
Full Diner Pail
H. B. Thearle fairy light

Coca-Cola Siphon
Chicago Insulating Company - insulator
Bogardus & Co. Target Ball
Thompsons Phosphate advertising clock
Babcock Fire Grenade
E. E. Sage & Co. Target Ball
Infant Welfare Society of Chicago Nursery bottle
Ira J. Mix Dairy Company ephemera
Dallemand & Co. Wine & Liquor Merchants billhead
S. S. & Co. MFG's insulator

Van Schaack, Stevenson & Co. Wholesale Druggist billhead dated 1885
None Such, Pure Food Products,
McNeil & Higgins Co.
Kraut & Dohnal,
Barber Supplies
Chicago Consolidated Bottling Co.
postal card
L. H. Thomas Co. cover
Frigid JR Embalming Fluid

A. Bauer & Co. trade card
ca. 1875-1890 business card for
D. B. Moore, Scavenger
Lekko Stomach Bitters, Struzynski Bros.
(dose glass)
Chas. Truax. Green & Co. Gauze Jar
Pines Roach Trap