1st Chicago Bottle Club

Bottle Gallery

A small sampling of Chicago bottles, advertising and ephemera. Enjoy.


Wm. Henning pickle crock
J. Jerusalem pottery grouping*
A. J. Miller stoneware*

Capt. Anson Ginger Beers
Contra Costa Wine Co.
Old Blarneystone Rye
Albert Pick & Co. crock
Horn Palace mini jug
Hofmann Bros. pottery beer
Hruska & Co., crock
Dempsey & Ryan, James Stenson pottery beers
CCBCo., (Chicago Consolidated Bottling Company), pottery beer
S. Spira / Wines & Liquors
Compliments of / Frank Lyons
Compliments of / The Marylane / Christmas 1899

C. J. Larson & Delaney Co. mini jugs
H. H. YATES, 3 gallon ovoid jug
*Pictures provided by Ken Farnsworth.