1st Chicago Bottle Club

Bottle Gallery

A small sampling of Chicago bottles, advertising and ephemera. Enjoy.

Sodas and Mineral Waters

Examples of Pictorial Hutchinson Sodas
Supreme Beverages ACL
EKB (Edward K. Bebbington), IP soda
Hutchinson & Co., IP soda
Hayes Bros. Quart Hutchinson
Arthur Christin Quart*
Joseph Dinet Superior

Soda Water*

E.Y. Cronk Root Beer*
Grouping of Iron-Pontil Base Sodas:

Joseph Entwistle, George Lomax

and John Hedlund & Co.

Dr. Paolis Sparkling

Persian Sherbet*

H. C. Doty, Pitsburgh Ale
Frank Matejka, hutch
M. Keeley, IP sodas, green and aqua
Wm. A. Hausburg,
amber hutch
G. Lomax, IP sided soda
Knickerbocker, Mineral & Soda Water, Manufactured by S. Smith, IP sided soda
Superior Soda Water,
IP sided soda

Grossenheider & Dickinson
J. Grossenheider & Co.
L. Rodemeyer & Co., Premium Mineral Water
Buck & Rayner's

Mineral Water*

Fred Freer (mineral water) quarts in three colors
Hess Mineral Spring Waters
George Lomax, IP sodas
Paul Rouze, California Pop

S.S. Simpson & Co. Hutchinson soda
Grouping of ACL sodas: Globe Beverages, Mr. Newport, Vana's and Topaz Beverages
Hafner & Will, MFRs,
Soda Water Machinery
S. Geer (citrine hutch)
Quart Hutchinson examples, left to right: Ciovino & Arata, Chas. Westerholm,
Ryan Bottling Works, H. W. Tessendorff
Wm. Hausburg soda/mineral water bottle with William H. Kelley gravitating stopper
*Pictures provided by Ken Farnsworth.