1st Chicago Bottle Club

Bottle Gallery

A small sampling of Chicago bottles, advertising and ephemera. Enjoy.

W.H. Hutchinson and John Lomax

W.H.H. etched into glass (may be the first
WHH bottle)
Grouping of W.H.H. Paneled Base Sodas
W.H.H. Round Bottom Soda**

W.H.H. Quart*
W.H.H., IP soda
Hutchinson & Co. Celebrated Mineral Water, IP soda**
W.H.H. Ale*

W.H.H. Grouping: olive green ring top quart, two quart ales and a 12 sided Merrill Patent stoneware bottle**
W.H.H. stamped stoneware**
W. H. Hutchinson & Son ad – circa 1903

W. H. Hutchinson
& Son jug
Ad for Hutchinson's Orcherade (front)
W. H. Hutchinson & Son, 1910 post card (back)
W. H. Hutchinson & Son Bottlers’ Supply Catalog dated 1920

John A. Lomax quarts
John A. Lomax (JAL) Ales*
John A. Lomax Porter

John A. Lomax

Famous Weiss Beer

John A. Lomax Diamond Lager Beer with Whitman
& Lomax closure
John A. Lomax cobalt Hutchinson soda
J. A. L., 12-sided Merrill-patent stoneware bottles

John A. Lomax, Medicated Aerated Waters, round bottom**
Grouping of John A. Lomax Porters
JAL, IP soda

John A. Lomax Bottling Works – 1885
John A. Lomax billhead
John A. Lomax Famous Brown Stout

John A. Lomax bank check
Left to right: A & L – Robert Ainsworth & John A. Lomax (IP) base, JAL – John A. Lomax (IP) base, JAL – John A. Lomax (smooth base)
Robert Ainsworth & John A. Lomax (IP base)**
*Pictures provided by Ken Farnsworth.
**Pictures provided by Eric.