1st Chicago Bottle Club

Bottle Gallery

A small sampling of Chicago bottles, advertising and ephemera. Enjoy.

Whiskeys and Ales

James Stenson Ales*
Amberg & Stenson Ale*
John B. Drake Tremont House*
Samuel Myers & Co*

Chapin & Gore Sour Mash
Strickland’s English Cordial Gin
Schreiber Bros. Co.
John Anderton &
M. Keeley Ales
Chapin & Gore, Sour Mash 1867 flask
A. Bauer & Co.
(Saloon Supplies)
Hackett's Buffett, flask
Old Steuben Rye,
Steuben County Wine Co.

Taylor & Bro., IP ale
Strickland’s English
Cordial Gin
M. Keeley ale
Potter Palmer, Palmer House

A. Bauer & Co. Juniper Gin
Mistletoe Dry Gin, Bottled by Hotel Sherman Co.
Jacob Wolford Whiskey
*Pictures provided by Ken Farnsworth.